Organization and productivity for translators: starts Monday

Starting Monday, I’ll be facilitating a four-week online course taught by translator and productivity expert Dorothee Racette: the course is Organization and Productivity for Translators. Dorothee now runs her own consulting company–appropriately named Take Back My Day–and she’s been a tremendous help to me in my own business; I’m excited that more translators will now get to benefit from her expertise. This course will help you:

  • Break the stress/time crunch/feast/famine cycle in your business
  • Create a realistic plan for getting more done during each work day, without added stress
  • Set up your ideal physical and digital work environment
  • Learn productivity techniques specifically for translators, including managing your translation software

We’ll do two live sessions every week (recordings provided if you can’t attend), plus a weekly homework assignment. Everyone in the class will also receive an individual consulting session with Dorothee at the end of the course. Registration is $380 with a $25 discount for ATA members (use coupon code ATA). We have a good group signed up already, but there’s room for a few more people. Hop on over to the course web page for more information or to register!

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