The Need for Professional Arabic Translation Services in This Modern World

Around 186 million people in the world are believed to speak Arabic, making it the sixth most popular language. Arabic is also used by a large chunk of the Muslim population of the planet as this is the language of the Holy Quran. 

Needless to say, the importance of Arabic cannot be underestimated. This is why professional Arabic translation services are needed for legal, marketing, technical, financial, and medical purposes. This is also needed for web content translations. 

Translation in Arabic calls for a good understanding of specific fundamental factors unique to the language. Some of these are as follows:

  • Arabic is being written from the right side of a page going to the left side. 
  • There are two forms of writing Arabic. The first one is known as the Modern Standard Arabic, while the second one is Classical Arabic. A good language translator must be able to work in the right form that suits the nature of the document being translated. This means that cultural or religious content, for example, are preferably written in Classic Arabic. On the other hand, documents related to business must be rendered using Modern Standard Arabic. 
  • Every letter in written Arabic is aligned to one another in such a way that these cannot be split across several lines. 
  • Arabic script uses different symbols emphasizing different sounds. The symbols are mixed with letters to convey an intended meaning. Arabic translation services should then pay attention to even the smallest details. 
  • Since Arabic is being written from right to left side of the page, the placing of images on the page is also affected as well as the numbering of the pages. 
  • The Arabic letters use up more space compared to English letters. This means that in English to Arabic translation, the document translated will possibly have more pages than its original copy. 

The Arabic language is definitely a unique language that should be handled with care when it comes to translations. This is why you cannot just entrust this kind of job to anyone. The professional Arabic translation service via will give you the assurance that all your documents will be rendered properly and your message will be conveyed just how you want it to

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