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ProMosaik focusses on dialogue, and communication. ProMosaik translates for you. ProMosaik teaches you foreign languages. With ProMosaik you can publish your book.

ProMosaik – your ideal partner for translation, publishing, language courses, and internship in the field of alternative journalism and human rights.

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ProMosaik – Our Areas of Expertise

ProMosaik Translation is one of the world’s leading high quality global translation companies for personal and business requirements. Our high professional standards are achieved and maintained by searching for and employing only the most accomplished expert linguists of whom we have recruited thousands. Our worldwide service provides everyone with access to a prompt highly proficient translation service.

ProMosaik Interlanguage is a department of ProMosaik Group and offers private language lessons planned according to the individual needs of its studients concerning time, place, content and study material.

We work with qualified and professional native teachers with at least two years of practical experience as teachers.

LAPH publishing house operates on the principle of diversity as a means of promoting global interculturalism. Our being young, old, black, white, disabled, and healthy, speaks for our wonderful diversity and inclusion — the living embodiment of a coming together to share the joy of learning something from each other through the social changes we have achieved with the passage of time.
Our publishing house humbly endeavours to raise a dialogue that promotes the better and peaceful world we all want to live in: a world without islamophobia, antisemitism, or any other form of the racism that plagues societies. Racism is divisive. Exploitation of minorities is divisive and results in hatred, dislike, disdain, and a dreadful environment for individuals to live in.

Promosaik Children is in favour of equal opportunities for children: every child has the right to a book!
ProMosaik Children translates children’s books for free in order to make them available to a wider group of readers around the world.
ProMosaik Children is also committed to helping children’s book authors to overcome their geographical boundaries to meet a larger number of readers.
ProMosaik Children is constantly looking for untranslated children’s books from “unexplored” cultural backgrounds to translate them into other languages.

ProMosaik Poetry connects cultures and language to the publication and translation of poetry

For us ProMosaik Poetry is a virtual and real space for collecting and at the same transmitting poetry by publishing and reading texts translated into several languages ​​by our team of translators, poets, and intellectuals.

Taking into account the current situation, the difficulties inherent to our lifestyle and the continuous unrest that affects the era of globalization, poetry and poetic activity are just deterrents to change, to act, to struggle, but especially to apply a visible ideology that is not strictly utopian but real.

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