Boy draws painting to show mother’s domestic labour, artwork selected as Gender Budget document cover

New Delhi: There is a tendency in our society to treat the household work done by women as non-important or not holding much value.

To once again contradict this notion, a boy in Kerala’s Thrissur has depicted his mother’s daily routine through a painting. What triggered the Class 9 student Ajunath Sindhu Vinayala was his father’s alleged comments to his mother that “she is just a housewife, she doesn’t work”.

Ajunath was surprised by his father’s comments because he never saw his mother idle. So Ajunath drew the painting to depict his mother’s daily routine and later showed it to his teacher.

The teacher then sent the artwork to the state government office where it got selected as the cover for the 2021 Gender Budget document

On February 5, Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isaac mentioned the boy’s painting titled “My Mother and Mothers in the Neighbourhood” during the budget presentation. Unfortunately, Ajunath lost his mother on November 14 last year due to ill-health.

Ajunath’s father was happy after the artwork was highlighted for its theme.

“What I am most proud of is its theme. He drew that painting when he was 10, yet it conveys a great message. We used to tell him about the efforts taken by his mum and all mothers around him in nurturing their children, a report in New Indian Express quoted the boy’s father as saying.

As the Class 9 boy Ajunath Sindhu Vinayala’s painting started to get praise from across the world, he, unfortunately, lost his mother due to ill-health in November 2020.

Kerala Gender Budget document  cover

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